Service Areas


Jim Weaver and JW NonProfit Advisors will work with your Staff and Board Leadership in the oft-mysterious and daunting:

  • Setting of realistic and achievable goals
  • Establishing or clarifying your mission statement
  • Identifying organizational values
  • Planning, both short and long-range

Jim will provide expert facilitation of your organization’s Board/Staff Strategic Planning Retreat.


With years of experience in developing effective NonProfit Boards of Directors, serving on numerous NonProfit Boards, Chairing NonProfit Boards, and consulting with NonProfit Boards, Jim is uniquely qualified to:

  • Assess Board health
  • Recommend steps for enhanced effectiveness
  • Lead workshops to train Boards and Board Members
  • Assist in the development of Board Operations Manuals


A non-threatening and non-terrifying objective analysis of all aspects of your NonProfit organization may be the best thing that can ever happen to bring about greater effectiveness. Jim Weaver has both a keen eye and an affirming spirit to provide a review that is both realistic and encouraging. Sound and sensible recommendations follow.


Looking to enhance your utilization of volunteers? We will work with you in these critical areas of Volunteerism:

  • Recruitment for Dedication and Commitment
  • Training for Maximum Impact
  • Managing for Superior Results
  • Appreciating for Staying Power


Whether it’s a newly installed Executive Director or a veteran CEO whose skills need fine tuning and upgrading, Jim’s personalized coaching is tailor-made for the needs of the individual leader.


The challenges of managing organizational personnel, whether it’s 2 or 22, for maximum results can be overwhelming. Smooth out that bumpy road by allowing Jim Weaver to help you gain a fresh perspective on:

  • Development of realistic position descriptions without being boring
  • Clarification of expectations for staff that provides motivation
  • Supervision that enables a staff person’s full potential…..and is fun at the same time
  • Evaluation that can be done with a smile and without knees knocking
  • Facilitation of career paths to nudge your personnel to greater levels of service


For the ever-present and inescapable challenge of fundraising, Jim can help alleviate some of those sleepless nights worrying where the next dollars are coming from by:

  • Assisting in the crafting of a comprehensive fundraising strategy
  • Helping to create an organization-wide fund development “think”
  • Alleviating the fears of board members who are intimidated just by the word “fundraising”
  • Enabling you to get to “the ask”
  • Reviewing your current fundraising events and strategizing for something fresh


Having managed Charity Golf Tournaments for over 15 years, Jim Weaver can provide a wide range of services that can allow you to succeed at your first or your tenth tournament. His Golf Tournament expertise can help you:

  • Decide if a Golf Tournament is right for your organization
  • Set up a tournament committee
  • Choose a course
  • Develop a budget that allows you a strong net
  • Craft a sponsor development strategy
  • Put together a team of motivated volunteers
  • Build the ingredients for a successful tournament day