We often hear and use the phrase…… “taking it to the next level.” In fact, I refer on this web site’s home page about helping to move your organization to “new levels of service.” Expressions that are familiar can all too quickly become trite and meaningless. “New level” or “next level” can certainly fall into that category.

It’s difficult to know whether or not we have arrived at a next or new level of service unless some planning and goal-setting has done that allows you to envision what you want your organization to look like as it moves forward and upward. Establish challenging, yet achievable, goals will motivate you to take the necessary steps to arrive at that next level; plus, you will know when you’ve gotten there because you’ve already taken a prior mental, and hopefully on paper, snapshot of where you hope and expect to be.

It’s not trite or meaningless to say “next level” when it’s a strong place of service to which you’re aspiring to move your organization. Next time you use the phrase “next level” to describe where you’re advancing to, rather than it referring to some amorphous destination, have that specific image in mind of where you’re headed. I’d be happy to help you focus your camera if you want to take a clear picture of your organization’s next level.

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