GPS or Road Maps?

For my retirement from Angel Flight West, I was given a very good GPS. Not being particularly gadget-oriented, I didn’t take it out of the box to put it to use until about three months later. Now, I wouldn’t go anywhere without it! But, I still keep my ample supply of paper road maps easily accessible in a nearby drawer. My GPS gets me directly to my destination, but my road map allows me to see the bigger picture of where the starting points and destinations are in relation to everything else along the way during my trip, e. g. other cities, key landmarks, intersecting roads and highways, tourist attractions, mountains, rivers and more.
The vision and mission of your non-profit organization is what you enter into your GPS. They are your ultimate destination. Along the way, however, your road map is needed – a bigger picture Strategic Plan that includes all other aspects to be taken into consideration in your organization’s journey, e.g. board development, fund raising, volunteerism, personnel training and more. We at JW NonProfit Advisors are here to assist you in constructing your very vital road map.

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